Honoring the Process

Any time a person wants big change in his or her life, there’s a few unavoidable components in seeing those changes actually manifest into completion. Aspiring for bigger, better ‘whatever’ in life is something humans internally want, but it’s the few that actually can master everything that is required for improvements to occur and become real. We all hear and see the big success stories from authors, athletes, movie stars and business owners, but what happens between day one and complete transformation?

What are those components? The first thoughts that come to mind for me are the following:

  • Thinking big and creative like a visionary.
  • Grit and endurance to keep going.
  • Confidence, even when you make mistakes.
  • Self compassion and forgiveness because it ain’t going to be a bed of roses.
  • Getting comfortable with vulnerability and taking risks.
  • Tapping into your untapped skills and potential. (I’ve become a great friend of Tim Ferris because I’m such a kick-ass power networker. Wait…that hasn’t happened yet. But it will…he just doesn’t know it yet!)

After reading this very short list, you may be thinking, “Ok, all of that makes sense. But how do I embody all of those things?”

By becoming all of those things through doing it.

Tips for “How” to Honor the Process

Honoring the process of achieving a goal takes an exuberant amount of patience. We live in a world of instant gratification where we want everything now out of convenience. But let’s be real, if I handed you everything you could possibly want that would make you happy right this second, how would that make you feel?

Probably pretty empty…because you didn’t first hand experience the turmoil and fight to receive it. (insert personal fulfillment of goal achievement here.)


» Find your authentic self. 

We all like to say and think we are being authentic, but in truth and reality, what percentage of the time are we truly being our real, unfiltered self? It’s hard to be completely transparent 100% of the time for friends and family, and even strangers out of fear of what people will think if we say or do ‘x, y or z’.

Sometimes we are afraid of being authentic out of the simple fact that we just don’t know how to respond to what someone says or does, and that’s ok. Identify an outlet, such as journaling, to process all of those confusing thoughts and emotions so you can move on with your day. Practice mindfulness and ask yourself, “What’s holding me back from responding or creating as my full authentic self?” If you’re a business owner trying to find your way or a younger person just starting out in life, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Do some digging deep within and really explore the inner facets of the Self, including the ones that might be ugly.

» Embrace the days you feel discouraged and emotionally torn. They won’t stop coming.

Life has ebbs and flows, no one is unaware of this fact. We’re talking about emotions here, and goodness gracious are they powerful! Emotions are a strong force of energy within us humans. Our emotional body is like an ocean of energy, constantly changing and seeking for ways to fulfill its needs. It has big surges of positive and negative currents and moments of complete bliss. Denying your emotions in honoring the process of whatever it is you’re trying to change in life is a death sentence. You can put on a great face for the outside world and pretend like everything is hunky-dory, while on the inside your subconscious mind and internal voice are screaming, “This sucks, I’m scared, uncomfortable and feel like I’m failing.”

Acknowledge those internal feelings! The sooner you embrace them, the sooner you can move past them and reach what’s on the other side of those pangs of vulnerability—BIG breakthroughs and growth! I’ve found that when I naturally surrender to those inner voices of doubt and face them head on that it really isn’t as bad or dramatic as my denying of them was making them out to be. Give it a try and drop me an email by clicking here to share your experience. The low’s lead you to the high’s. So don’t fight the low moments, embrace them!

» Get up tomorrow, and consciously choose to keep going.

This is where grit and endurance come into play. Whatever situation you’re mentally applying to yourself while reading this, you’ve chosen the path you have for a big reason and purpose. It’s über important to you and hopefully, it makes you feel good. (If not, stop that!)

What makes you get up each morning? What motivates you? What is your ‘why’ for living and what are you here to learn? How can your story inspire and serve others?

Honor the process of up-leveling your life and inner fulfillment. Fill up your internal cup every day that gives you purpose, not because you have to, but because you choose to. If it’s a job or business, make sure it’s something that you would do even if you didn’t get paid for it (that’s where your purpose and passion exist). If it’s a personal lifestyle goal, honor the process of appreciating what you do have so that when you reach that next place in life of dream manifestation, you can look back and keep the happiness factor going. Love what you have now and you’ll love what you receive as your future self even more.

No matter what happens, stay present and enjoy the journey. Don’t become distracted by the end result and temporary feelings of discouragement along the way. Keep going. What you’ll learn about yourself and life will be the greatest accomplishment. Honor the process of self-mastery and what it means to be a human being. This is what living and experience is all about—being present and honoring what unfolds in each day.


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