The Feminine Awakening

Many centuries ago women were the earthkeepers of our planet; they were warriors, not of battle, but of embodying pure, sacred feminine energy and all that comes with her. Our planet, for thousands of years, has forgotten what the sacred feminine looks like and feels like. We have forgotten how to stand in our full power and truth as women, asking for what we need and not fearing to be heard and seen in our raw, authentic self. Too many women have taken on the male persona, embodying male characteristics and behaviors such as suppressing emotions, lacking nurturing, being aggressive and hardening themselves to survive in a “man’s world.” Or, perhaps we were raised in an environment where we experienced pain, constrictions on who we were and told to ‘be quiet’, ‘shut up’ or any other negative put-down projected onto us that was not true—but we believed it.

What happened to the sacred feminine women?

Both women and men around the planet are walking around consciously unaware or “asleep,” completely disconnected from themselves and their purpose for existence in life. Speaking specifically to women since I’m talking about the feminine awakening, many women go through the motions, as if they are programmed to feel, think and act certain ways that do not serve her whatsoever. She plays small, is afraid to dream and think large because well, the world has conditioned her into thinking she can’t create and be her own person, living life on her own terms in every aspect of being. Often enough, today’s “normal” woman is out of touch with her emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs, and quietly keeps the feelings and thoughts at bay secretly hoping they’ll go away. She doesn’t know what to do with these deep yearnings within because she has never been invited to open up and embrace them fully.

The feminine awakening woman might have thoughts and feelings such as:

  • Viewing people and situations with new eyes, and beginning to recognize a disconnect.
  • Noticing repeating patterns in her life and curious why they keep happening.
  • Begin to acknowledge a disconnect, or feelings of unfulfillment in a current job, relationship, society expectations, friendships, hobbies, or lack of creativity.
  • Feeling confusion, lost, depressed, anxious, sad, frustrated, but isn’t sure why or how to work through it.
  • A deep longing within to make a difference in the world, to serve others, people and/or animals.
  • In need of deeper nurturing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • A deep craving for self reflection, soul searching, exploration, taking in new information about humanity and the greater existence of life.
  • Feeling the need to stop pretending she is happy and fulfilled, ready to face her shadows.
  • Hold herself with compassion and more importantly, ready to take on self accountability that led her to where she is.

5 Tips for Working Through the Feminine Awakening

We women are an extension of our Great Mother, Mother Earth. Our biology is made up of her same elements and we carry within us the ability to create life. We women are creators, nurturers, keepers, protectors, lovers and sisters. We must reconnect with these deep aspects of ourselves, remember, and reconnect with our lost sacred feminine energy before the world told us how to be, how to act and how to live. More women need to start holding other women up, being positive and supportive instead of jealous, envious, bitter and insecure.

Tips for honoring the sacred feminine awakening:

  • Develop a daily ritual to honor your emotional needs and acknowledge your spiritual self. Light a candle, play some soft music, do some journaling exercises, and take a moment to connect deeper within yourself.
  • Meditate daily for 5-20 minutes. Check out meditation apps such as Calm or Headspace, or do a YouTube search for guided meditations to get you started until you can do it confidently on your own.
  • Ground your energy. Connect with Mother Earth daily by spending more time outside, even if for 5 minutes. Walk barefoot on the ground, in grass, dirt, sand. Invite her to support and nurture you, to help you feel safe, secure and protected.
  • Find a mentor or teacher. Connect with someone who understands and can support your spiritual awakening and to hold a sacred space for you to communicate your truths.
  • Communicate with your loved ones and friends that you are doing some soul searching work. Ask them to support you and listen to you. They may not understand or be on the self growth path, but let them know that you are exploring deeper aspects of yourself.

If you are one of these women who is experiencing a calling to spiritually develop and explore deeper parts of yourself, I invite you to connect! Drop me an email at or navigate to the Contact page to fill out a simple email form to send me a message.

Sending you many blessings!



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