Reiki for Stress Relief

I’m heading into my third year practicing reiki, a gentle and nurturing energy healing practice that’s gaining more popularity in the Western world. I fell in love with reiki for my own stress relief in 2014, and I’ve learned eons more about the power of energy healing since then. Energy healing is a limitless, deep spiritual practice, but for the newbies, seeking reiki for stress relief is a wonderful tool.

Most women who seek me out for reiki have never experienced it. She’s looking for a fix, a solution to relieve herself from some sort of feeling of disconnection, discomfort or emotional stress. In most cases, she has a lot of turmoil going on in her life from external situations that she has created, but doesn’t realize she created it and has the power to change it at any time (and has always had it). Additionally, she may want to dabble in reiki, but not fully commit to her healing and spiritual growth. It’s as if one foot is in the healing pool and the other is holding firm to her old ways of living and being that no longer serve her higher self. She’s also a woman who is seeking answers and guidance, but doesn’t yet know what direction she needs to take.

Your energy field is a web of intelligent source energy. Within your energy field and physical body lives all of your stored memories all the way back to childhood. Your energy field is highly intelligent, as is your body, that is the gateway to healing past experiences that dictate present day circumstances. Limiting core beliefs of the subconscious mind and body that are not yet in your awareness. Committing to exploring these deeper parts of yourself requires patience and commitment to the process. Where do you start?

With this new wave of consciousness flowing through the Earth, more and more people are curious about the energy and spiritual world. What is it? What does it look like? Is it safe? What does it feel like? How can this benefit me? How do I do it?

Reiki can be your first stepping stone if you’re not ready to commit to a full healing or spiritual development course. If you’re a woman experiencing an inner voice or calling to begin a path to deeper self connection, reiki just might by that first step. Using reiki for stress relief is a safe, gentle healing modality that can get your feet wet before jumping into the spiritual pool. And the best part is these healing sessions can be done in person and over distance. Energy is not bound by time and space, therefore, sessions can be had with anyone in the world.

If you’re one of these women, drop me an email at Let’s have a conversation about your healing goals and next steps!

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