Generational Healing™

Every person holds within their DNA physical and energetic remnants that have been passed down through their genetic lineage. You have certain strengths, abilities, fears, tendencies, issues that you were born with that have been passed down via your generational bloodline.

Every ancestor who came before you left their body with unhealed issues—those issues continue to be played out by their next of kin, you, no matter how far down the line.

Your ancestors are asking you to be healed from any unhealed pain, trauma and emotional wounds that they are bound to so they can alleviate any suffering, challenges, physical ailments, emotional or mental blocks that you currently are experiencing.

Clearing Past Generational Trauma & Wounds

You carry in the memory of your DNA

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Sarah is a Professionally Trained & Certified Generational Healer™ & Spiritual Guide.

Supporting you in releasing the densities of your ancestral trauma stored within your genetic lineage to heal you today.

Every family holds pain, sadness, guilt, shame, and beliefs that don’t support the person you are today.  Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed on  generationally will free you to express and experience who you are now.

How does it work?

During your Generational Healing Session, you will lay down comfortably in a peaceful, quiet, healing space. We will discuss your family lineage, what is ailing you, and you are experiencing in your life that you would like to change. Sessions last for one hour. You may openly ask any questions that may arise during your session or afterwards if it is in relation to the work being done. The best way to receive the work is by opening your heart and mind, allowing your ancestors to do the healing work that they desire to be released, and experience the benefits of feeling lighter, happier, more relaxed, and at ease.

How To Heal Your Family Lineage From Generational Trauma with Live Demo


Attend Sarah’s next in-person gathering of Generational Healing™ in Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona Creative Life Center – March 8, 2018, 7-9:00pm

$30 to attend. All attendees who book a session will receive a $30 credit toward their own Generational Healing. 

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