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The deeper I submerge myself into energy healing work and connecting with my body, the more I begin to understand what it really means to be ‘in’ my body. There are many, many layers to a person’s being that are sadly never revealed in today’s society. Why? Simply because there aren’t enough humans out there who are consciously awake enough to understand the true meaning of being in an unconditioned state and how to experience it.

When a person is conditioned (mentally or emotionally), he or she is being a particular way that is not conscious. The reality in which the person lives is altered, often times clouded with pain and ideas taught from others’ negative (and positive) experiences. The conditioned state can distract the person from finding and living his or her truth and purpose. As human beings we get so caught up with distractions that we don’t make enough space for simply being.

And being is a beautiful state to ‘be-in’. Stillness is perfectly OK, despite what the world tries to tell you that being busy all of the time is good and normal.

First, lets take a look at what it means to be in your body, energetically speaking:

  • Being present to your inherent needs
  • Being connected & aware of all areas of the body
  • Feeling safe to be in the body
  • Being consciously engaged with the body
  • Being grounded and in direct relationship to Mother Earth
  • Being in direct relationship with your emotions
  • Being in your heart center

Now some of you may understand quite easily what I’ve listed above. but I’d like to break these down a bit more for educational purposes.

Your body is a sacred temple and is a beautiful place to be. Learn to enjoy it.

How to be IN Your Body

» Being Present to Your Inherent Needs 

Personal awareness of one’s inherent needs requires a very healthy, open and honest connection to self. There are hundreds of thousands of women around the planet who are not honest with themselves and even more men who do the same. Why do humans deny the fulfillment of his or her inherent needs? Because as a species, we have lost the ability of authentically expressing our needs, honoring them and making changes without fear, guilt or shame. We have all experienced a time (or many) where we held back our true thoughts and feelings about a person or situation, out of fear of what others will think or how they will react. Our needs are sacrificed and then we are separated from our truth. Sadly, this is the norm in many friendships, romantic relationships, work relationships and family dynamics.

Tip: Observe yourself in the coming days, weeks and months in your interactions with people. How often are you denying your inherent needs, whether it be mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually? When you do this, how does it make you feel? Spend some time in self reflection thinking about the quality of your honest self expression.


» Being Connected & Aware of the Physical Body

Think of a time you were in conversation with a person sharing how they noticed something was very subtly off with his or her body. Perhaps you may have though, “Gee, why don’t I notice things like that with my own body?” Well, because you’re disconnected from the inner workings of your body.

Tip: Sit quietly 5-10 minutes and scan your body. Close your eyes and mentally bring your attention to each part of your body while practicing deep breathing. Focus on each area as long as you feel like, then move on to the next. I recommend spending 15-20 seconds in each area. Continue until the entire body has been scanned. *Take note of how you feel afterward*


» Feeling Safe to be in Your Body

Thousands of human beings every day live in fear mentally, emotionally and physically. Fear surfaces as a lot of inner self chatter about anything and everything in relation to one’s needs and desires that want to be fulfilled, yet are not expressed. Energetically, when fear exists we tend to live outside of our body creating even deeper unconscious behavior and disconnection from our thoughts and emotions. This is known as disassociation. Disassociation is caused by trauma, inter-generational patterning and societal imprinting.

Tip: Read the next section for how to feel more safe in your body. 


» Being Grounded & in Direct Relationship to Mother Earth

Being ‘grounded’ is a term often passed around, but not everyone understands what this means and more importantly, feels like. To be grounded means to be energetically in your body, openly connected to the Great Mother—Earth. Mother Earth, also known as Gaia, has infinite loving energy to gift us if we are just open to receiving it through remaining grounded and receptive to her nurturing. Mothers are the greatest protectors and creators of life. Gaia is here to support, guide,co-create and teach all living beings occupying space on her in experiencing life—but we must open up, invite her in and listen. The more deeply grounded a person is, the more safe he or she feels in the body.

Tip: Each morning when you wake up and each evening before bedtime, find a quiet space outside to ground your energy into the Earth. It takes seconds to ground your energy field after some practice. Place your hands together in prayer position over your heart and imagine you are drawing up energy through the left foot and leg, through the body, down the right leg and foot back down into the Earth. Repeat this as many times as necessary. You should feel calmer and more centered.


» Being In Direct Relationship with Your Emotions

The emotional body is a powerhouse of energy, closely linked with the heart. Emotion literally means ‘energy in motion’. Emotional suppression is a major epidemic in the world that has a direct link to certain physical diseases. The emotional body is in direct relationship to the physical body, so it is crucial to be in full awareness of your emotions and fully expressing them—always. Painful experiences clog up this energy system if we do not work through the pain, heal and release it. When we internalize pain energetically, it only leads to deeper unhappiness, unfulfilled needs and repeating patterns of past experiences, because the need was never met. We see this play out often in romantic relationships.

Tip: When someone asks you a question, “How do you feel about that?”, or “What do you think about this?”, pay attention to your response. How do you really feel? Do you often say, “I don’t know” , or “I’m not sure”? If this is true, this is an indicator of disassociation from the emotional and mental bodies.


» Being In Your Heart Center

The heart holds the highest electromagnetic frequencies of energy than any other part of the human body. It is so powerful! The energy field of the heart expands up to 7 feet in front of you. Are you an open, heart centered person, or are you closed off from yourself and others? Think about the energy your heart emits and the type of people it might attract into your life. How do animals respond to you when you walk into a room? The heart is your human power center, not the mind, although majority of society lives in the mind, disconnected from the heart.

Tip: Sit quietly 5-10 minutes (or longer), eyes gently closed and bring your attention to the heart. Sit here for a few minutes checking in with how the heart feels. Notice any tension, stress, heavy emotions or calmness. Begin to visualize breathing in and out of your heart space. Continue for 5 minutes, or longer.

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