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About the Founder

I am an Earth Warrior, Light-worker and Wisdom Keeper. I have deep compassion and understanding for women who grew up with unhealthy family dynamics, especially women who had a parent (or both) who were alcoholics or exhibited narcissistic personality traits that left them feeling unloved and unworthy as a child. Women who have deep childhood conditioning that continues to play out in her life as an adult from having been raised in a family environment that created a lot of mental and emotional confusion around love, self worth and self trust. I serve to support women who desire self liberation beyond their pain body, to consciously engage with her spiritual growth and emotional healing. Women who are ready and committed to deeply honoring her life experience and spiritual path as a means of self love, emotional healing and liberation so that she can move forward and evolve in wonderful ways she has yet to understand or experience.

Based in Chandler and Sedona, Arizona, I work with women both in person and online, in groups and one-on-one sessions. I started my healing practice in May of 2014.

I chose to deepen my own healing and understanding of the human condition, ancient Earth and heart wisdom, sacred feminine teachings and how to support women in their path of awakening and healing by becoming a student of Deborah Skye King, CEO of Soul Therapy School® and the World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy. I studied under her mentorship for my Licensed Soul Therapist certification and 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings apprenticeship to become a Certified Generational Healer™ + Spiritual Guide.

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Sarah is one of the most relatable, empathetic spiritual teachers you will come across.


Professionally trained under the mentorship of Deborah Skye King, the World’s #1 Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, best-selling author and CEO of the Soul Therapy School®.


Soul Therapy is available online through ZOOM video or phone sessions. No matter where in the world you’re located, getting in touch and working with Sarah is quick and easy.

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