Evolutionary Education for Women | Arizona

sarah christine graham

Therapy for the Soul ~ Teachings for Women

There are thousands of women around the planet seeking more love, joy and personal fulfillment. Women want to feel heard, loved and respected when living and speaking her truth, without guilt, limitations and fear.

The path to experiencing complete personal freedom is wild, eye opening and completely transformative. Working together, I will guide you on how to bring unconscious patterns to your awareness. How does this work? Through healing conditioned mindsets and behavior picked up from childhood, family expectations, cultural imprinting, projections of other people’s negative experiences, realities and unhealed trauma.

You are a spiritual being first, human being second. The spiritual essence of a woman is vital to her authenticity and happiness. Women are awakening to this truth and need to be fully supported and guided. There are new, healthier ways on how to be in the world that are far, far away from what is perceived as ‘normal’ in mainstream society.

Stress, chaos, depression, anxiety and fear all constrict and subconsciously disassociate a person. This is seen as normal in the world, when in truth, it is not. This is the result of unhealed and unmet needs generation over generation, including your own life experiences.

Everything is energy, including our emotions, environment, food and unresolved pain passed on to you through your bloodline.

It is my sacred duty to be in service to women and anyone else who are committed to doing the work, to being fully in their light and no longer allowing darkness from society and generational imprinting to hold them back from embodying their authenticity and purpose.


Sarah Christine Graham

Licensed Soul Therapist + Professionally Certified Generational Healer™